Destination Weddings in Puerto Rico



Requirements and Steps for Destination Weddings in Puerto Rico


If you want a religious destination wedding or want to break away from tradition, Wedding Ministers will marry you wherever and however you wish but to get hitched on the Isle of Enchantment there are requirements.

Before starting the preparations for the wedding both you and your spouse will have to visit the Demographic Registry Office to submit the required paperwork.

The first thing you need is a valid government-issued ID, each spouse must provide a birth certificate (if any of the parties have children their birth certificates must be submitted too), blood and urine tests are required if one spouse lives in Puerto Rico but if both parties reside outside the island they will need to provide a letter or individual letters from a doctor certifying that each is in good health. If your home country or state does not require blood work, it must be clearly stated in the doctor’s note. Letters must be dated 10 days prior to the wedding.

Be prepared with an affidavit stating you’re visiting Puerto Rico to get married, if a foreign citizen, and that you’ll return to your place of residency post wedding. The sworn statement must be obtained 10 days prior to your big day. You’ll need to purchase an IRS stamp for $150 at the colecturia (government office).
If either party has had previous marriages, you must provide all divorce judgments, and in case of widowhood, the spouse’s death certificate is also needed, all original documents.

For the final step, make sure the priest, minister or judge who officiates the wedding delivers the certificate, marriage license, and all other documents to the Demographic Registry of the municipality where the ceremony will take place no more than 10 days after the marriage.

The best part is if you want a hassle-free and no worry event, you can hire our services, Wedding Ministers, for a small fee, and we will handle it all. We pick you up and take you by the hand throughout the entire process.