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Distrito T-Mobile
Puerto Rico Convention District Authority
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico has been known for its postcard perfect beaches, succulent food and the warmth of its people. But now, it is showcased to the world as a premiere entertainment destination with the arrival of DISTRITO T-Mobile, a state-ofthe art project in the heart of San Juan.

DISTRITO T-Mobile is a unique experiential complex sitting on five acres of the Convention Center District that combines the best in destination dining, art, entertainment, music, technology, and hospitality.

Explore the endless options of entertainment at DISTRICTO T-Mobile. Grab a bite, a beer, or some delicacies and take you tastebuds on a culinary adventure.

This entertainment and culinary destination – complete with a futuristic, multisensory 50,000-square-foot plaza, a 5,000-person capacity multi-use entertainment venue called the Coca-Cola Music Hall, 12 restaurants/bars, the latest digital technology at Caribbean Cinemas VIP Theaters, adrenaline-filled activities at TOROVERDE Urban Park and more; is revolutionizing the entertainment industry in Puerto Rico and the Americas.

Known as the heart of DISTRITO T-Mobile, Popular Plaza is “the place” of constant activity, where concerts, fashion shows, artistic presentations, dances, and even yoga and Zumba classes have been held. It is a vibrant, open space, with 14,000 square feet of state-of-the-art LED screens, providing a 360 experience to visitors and welcoming all kinds of events to enjoy free of cost.

DISTRITO T-Mobile has transformed how visitors enjoy and pursue experiences in Puerto Rico while maintaining the authenticity that makes Puerto Rico special.

As you’re planning your stay, make sure to visit DISTRITO

T-Mobile, Puerto Rico’s premier entertainment destination!