A hidden gem for unique shoe masterpieces


A little piece of heaven for enthusiasts of trendy and fashionable designer footwear is found at Orma by Denise Rovira, situated at 1451 Ashford Avenue in Condado. This quaint and chic boutique is ‘the place’ to go to find the most fashion-forward and unique selection of shoes in San Juan.

Orma may be a small store, but it’s packed with treasures for fashionistas. This shoe lover’s paradise sells one pair per size of each style for exclusivity purposes.

“I have great communication with my clients. They share photos of their outfits with me and I give my recommendations about shoes. I do this with locals as well as with clients that live abroad. I have clients that were tourists at one point, and they stay in touch waiting for the new collections. So, I find myself making special shipments regularly to those customers. As an entrepreneur it’s a great satisfaction because it confirms the quality and value of our unique products,” said Denise Rovira.

Exclusive designer lines at Orma are Eqüitare, Claire Charlotte, Lola Cruz and Melissa x Viktor & Rolt. Eqüitare shoes are handcrafted in Spain by local artisans. The brand’s modern design and craftsmanship uses natural fibers, hand braided and stitched leather for elegance and comfort.

Also handcrafted in Spain, Claire Charlotte mules are a hybrid between a handmade sandal and a clog manufactured from sustainable harvested wood. This avant-garde shoe line is run by second generation brothers since 1998.

Spanish luxury footwear label Lola Cruz from designer Maria Jesus Gozalbo specializes in women’s leather craftsmanship that have a perfect balance between style and quality.

Melissa is a shoe company based in Brazil that creates extraordinary plastic shoes. Their designs include a broad spectrum of shoes, from simple sandals to extravagant sculptural wedges. Over the years they have collaborated with many designers and Orma has the Melissa x Victor & Rolf, the modern luxury fashion house founded in 1993 by Dutch fashion artists Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren. Viktor & Rolf creations evokes a provocative spirit infused with surreal contrasts.

“My goal is to offer clients a variety of styles to complement their personality. For me, style is very important; but my priority is to provide attractive pieces that are also comfortable and practical. When you are comfortable in what you wear, your personality and charm shines through. And that’s what I desire for my clients, for them to shine wherever they go,” added Denise Rovira.