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A Princess, between Flavors and Spirits

Princesa Gastrobar

Puerto Rico is known as the worldwide Capital of Rum.

For more than 450 years, we have developed and perfected its quality to become recognized as the elixir of the Gods for its consistency in the quality of aging.

Arriving to the walled city of Old San Juan, a visit to our place is a must. Where our gastronomy from the early 19 century, faces the most complete collection of our distilled brand spirits.

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In “Princesa Gastrobar”, People from around the world, come to live a unique experience in their visit to the island.

An intrinsic part of the menu, travels back in time to the year 1859, when “El Cocinero Puertorriqueño” (the first Puerto Rican cuisine recipes’ book) is discovered.

In a very responsible way with history, our staff, was given the task of rescuing some of the recipes and interpret them. Due to the lack of information in the book, which only contained the ingredients, but not the portions of the recipes. The result has been an honorable tribute to the Puerto Rican gastronomy of the early 19th century.

Another achievement, has been the tremendous rum brand collection here at Princesa Gastrobar. Where visitors cannot only taste the rums produced on the island, but listen to their history.

The bar offers the alternative to buy and take home the rum by the bottle. Our clientele can also buy a hand made white oak barrel to increase the aging of your favorite rum. Each month of aging in these barrels is equivalent to 1 year of aging. It is a way to take a piece of our history to share it on special occasions among friends and family.