Passionate about pork

Ensaltao – Ponce

Passionate about food is how Chef Benmar Santos Correa, owner of Ensaltao restaurant in Ponce, describes herself and she is definitely is in love with pork.

And in the hierarchy of proteins pork is king in Puerto Rico. The name of this innovative establishment, that features the tastiest, most succulent lechon (slow-roasted whole pig); refers to the process of when a pig is inserted on a spit.

Hungry customers come to Ensaltao to enjoy an assortment of delectable traditional Puerto Rican dishes such as slow roasted pig or slow roasted whole chicken accompanied by heaping portions of rice and pigeon peas, yuca al mojo (cassava with garlic sauce), mofongo (mashed green plantain with pork and garlic), root vegetables, cuajito (stewed pig stomach), morcilla (blood sausage), pasteles (boiled green plantains or cassava filled with pork or chicken), among other local delicacies.

Ensaltao’s well-seasoned lechon with crispy skin, moist, tender and juicy meat is the main attraction. Besides its regular menu, the restaurant also provides daily specials.

Tradition is alive and well in Ensaltao. Families come not only to enjoy fun and flavor but to appreciate a cozy ambiance with a refreshing freshwater stream view, colorful hand painted murals designed by local artists, arts and crafts, carnival masks as well as cold beer, wines, and tropical drinks. The last weekend of every month local artisans offer a small arts and crafts fair to exhibit their masterpieces and sell souvenirs.

Ensaltao is the place to visit when in Ponce where you’ll be served a beautiful plate of happiness. Clients that come for the first time is one that definitely returns.

The setting sun marks the start of the evening SOCIAL scene. The nighttime ambiance is decidedly island-chic as guests arrive for intimate dinners, drinks with friends or just to see where the night will take them. The curated menu and drink list are the perfect pairing to the after sunset social scene. With attentive service and thoughtful recommendations from the SOCIAL staff, there is no doubt your first visit won’t be your last.