Cinco Nudos



Stop by and come SEA for yourself

Cinco Nudos

Cinco Nudos provides tasty dishes that capture the flavors of the sea and traditional Puerto Rican cuisine from family recipes that have been handed down thru our grandmothers.

Within our great variety of fresh cuts, you could have the experience of capturing one of our live Caribbean Lobsters and take it to the kitchen were the execution of your fresh meal will begin. Or delight your palate with our “Guanimes con Bacalao” a delicious inland recipe from our ancestors. It will blow your taste buds away!

“The Psychiatrist,” an old sailboat turned into a bar, where you will find our sea wolves and they’ll SHAKE their secrets of the sea within your cocktails that “If they can’t cure you, at least they’ll make you forget”.

Cinco Nudos is located practically at the sea and is accessible by boats that can dock directly next to the establishment. For the rest of our visitors, there are parking facilities available.

Cinco Nudos (“Five Knots” in English) is the moderate speed at which a boat enters the port, but for us, it also means the momentum in life, to have a seat and enjoy an experience 
with us.


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