Joymar Herrin



Award Winning Mixologist

Puerto Rican Mixologist’s Cocktail Wins People’s Choice Award Featuring Ron del Barrilito


At the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America 2018 Convention, which celebrated its 75th anniversary in Las Vegas, the “Sand Break” cocktail, created by Puerto Rican mixologist Joymar Herrin, was awarded the People’s Choice award, and it features Ron del Barrilito Three Stars.


“Sand Break is my interpretation of that moment just before entering the sea; the feet in the sand and the waves breaking on the shore. As a good ambassador of my island, I like to use high-quality products and present something authentic and traditional from Puerto Rico. The Ron del Barrilito Three Stars has some notes of Spanish sherry that it extracts from its barrels, highlighting the elements within the mixology,” says Herrin.


Herrin, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is the third-generation of hotel professionals in her family. She began her career at The Ritz Carlton in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She continued her journey and currently is the principal mixologist at Chica by Chef Lorena García, a restaurant at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas.


“We know that Ron del Barrilito is a fine-aged rum, praised by the world’s great mixologists, such as Joymar Herrin. We are proud of our award-winning rum which continues to be acknowledged by its high quality and flavor. And, most of all, we are proud that Puerto Rican mixologists are being recognized for their creations,” says José R. Colón, president of Edmundo B. Fernández, the parent company of Ron del Barrilito Three Stars.


Joymar’s creation, Sand Break, is prepared chiefly with Ron del Barrilito Three Stars. It is complimented by hints of orange, coconut, lime, and egg whites, with a final touch of the amaretto-tasting liquor, Disaronno. The mixologist combined all the ingredients in a cocktail mixer and stirred it. As a final touch, Herrin served it in a Pisco glass rimmed with a mix of brown sugar and coconut.


Ron del Barrilito has thousands of passionate followers throughout the world who treasure its fine quality, delicate aroma, and incomparable flavor. Great mixologists, such as Joymar Herrin, always have bottles of Ron del Barrilito Two and Three Stars stocked in their bars.

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